Fall 2000 Corinthian Awards Banquet

Last night about 40 Corinthians, Y-Knotters and fellow sailors got together at the Gideon Putnam in Saratoga Springs for the Annual Awards Banquet. Wonderful food, great company; awards were given out for the 2000 sailing season and a new slate of officers was elected. The LGCYC officers for 2001 are: Commodore Herm Lintner, Vice Commodore Chuck Thorne, Treasurer Kim Andrews, and Secretary Maryellen Rudolph. Commodore Lintner appointed the following committee members: Racing Committee: Bob Rippel, Kevin Joyce, John Brodie; Social Committee: Deb Katz; Newsletter/PR Committee: Bill Morris; Membership Committee: Buck Bryan, Greg Liberatore, Kim Andrews; Cruise Committee: Rich Hegney. The first planning meeting for 2001 is set for the second Tuesday in January . . . please join us!