Flying Circus Takes Early Lead on Wed Nights

Three weeks in, here’s the latest Wed Night Racing summary from Rodger Voss:

“Current standings after three races with one throwout in effect: Flying Circus is in First Place with 4 points, a very impressive start to the season; JaKo is in Second Place with 6 points, the Most Improved so far from last year’s finish of 13th overall; Crackerjack is in Third Place with 8 points, always a contender with a First Place the first race; Wild Thing is in Fourth Place with 8 points, very consistent with two fourth places finishes; Vaporize is in Fifth Place with 9 points, determination certainly shows with a First Place in the second race. There is a lot of excitement on Wednesday Nights. These next couple of weeks I’m sure will start to show an increase in participation. COME ON OUT AND JOIN THE FUN.”

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