Corinthian Racing Update

Sunday saw the third Corinthian race of the summer go off in light winds, and the Dickinson father and son team once again are leading the pack — check out complete results. This Sunday August 30 the Corinthians will host a long-distance race to Sabbath Day Point and back. Start will be at 9:30 at Hogback Reef. The northern turning mark will be the Three Chimney Shoals buoy located south of Sabbath Day point, then return to Hogback, round and take your time and report to Nate Dickinson at 796-4907 or 747-3600. And the Corinthian’s last race of the season will be Sunday, Sept. 13. After the race there will be an awards ceremony and cook-out at the Dickinson cottage on Rockhurst. Dinner will consist of beer, soda, potato salad, tossed salad, a ribeye steak and dessert. Corinthians who have paid their ’09 membership fee will be entitled to two steak dinners at no charge. Those who desire additional dinners can purchase at $5 each. Those who have not paid membership dues this year can purchase dinners for $10 each. Please notify Nate by Sept. 1 if you’re planning to attend.