Final Corinthian Race and Awards BBQ on Sunday

The Corinthians will host their fifth and final race on Sunday, Sept. 13. The race will follow the usual format with a 12:30 pm start; racers will take their own time at the finish and report it to Nate Dickinson at 796-4907 or on Channel 66 immediately following the race. There will be awards for the season at the after-race cook-out at the Dickinsons’ place on Rockhurst. If you come by boat, anchor and we will bring you in. By car, turn at the Cleverdale store, go North on the Cleverdale Rd. about a half mile, right on Rockhurst Rd., then take the first left out to the point. Go under the arch at the end and it’s the first place on the left. If you have not already done so, please contact Nate with your steak reservation as soon as possible.