Two weeks until the 2011 Ti Race

Registration BBQ will take place at Yankee Marina on Friday June 17 between 6 and 9 pm. All sailboats on Lake George are encouraged to participate. Entry forms and sailing instructions are available online and will also be available at registration. Please help our friends at Camp Chingachgook by seeking donations from family, friends, and corporations to help support the Y-Knot sailing program. The registration fee of $50 (which also gets you into all scheduled Corinthian races and an end-of-year BBQ at Nate Dickinson’s house) can be made out to “The Corinthians”, while separate donations can be made out to “YMCA / Y-Knot Sailing.” The entry fee will be waived for any Y-Knot Martin 16s that participate in the sprint race.
Kyle Lavoy is looking for help with the committee boat; if you can help out, please email Kyle or call him at 518-796-9428. All boats will be required to keep their own time this year, so make sure you have a reliable stopwatch that goes for at least 24 hrs. If you want to race but can’t make it Friday night contact Kyle to make accommodations.