Bill Metz Wins Brodie Cup in Ti Race

Congratulations to Bill Metz and the crew of Bandit for taking the Brodie Cup in this year’s Ticonderoga Race in decisive fashion. This is a long-overdue three-peat for Metz, who won the Ti Race as skipper in 1988 and 1989 on Knotacat. Congratulations also to Sam Walters and the crew of Happy Days for outlasting their competition and winning the non-spinnaker division.

The moist and light wind conditions made for a very long and tiring day for all who braved the long distance race.  The boats headed north after a short windward leg, but were not allowed much of a downwind run as the southwest breeze pulled a near 180, oscillating from north to the northeast for the rest of the trip up to Ticonderoga. As forecast, the already light breeze slowly lessened throughout the day, except for a brief burst of 10 to 14 kts as the fleet exited the Narrows. The rest of the trip up the lake was slow as the last boats rounded their northern marks just before dark. The almost full moon offered just enough light through the patchy clouds to keep boats safe as they passed back through the Mother Bunch and Narrows at a snail’s pace. Some dropped out before dawn and the rest finished as the morning light grew brighter, the last coming in just before 8 am.

Special thanks to Yankee Boating Center for BBQ space, committee boat, prizes, and general support for almost 40 years; Camp Chingachgook and Y-Knot for feeding us Friday night and giving those with disabilities the chance to sail on beautiful Lake George for years; Andrew Brodie, Steve Jackson and Deb Katz for standing in the rain Saturday morning on the Committee Boat; and everyone who showed up despite the conditions to race, donate and have a good time.

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