Wed Night Race 10 Results

Results have been posted to

For the second week in a row the participants were treated to awesome wind and waves coming straight down the lake from Dome Island. In fact, the wind was heavier and the waves bigger than last week and afforded a fantastic heavy air sailing adventure! Thanks to Rob Fraser and crew for acting as committee boat last evening and set-up up a long  I-5 course with the weather mark well to the north of the square line. The North Canoe government mark served as the leeward mark. Thank you Rob and crew for a long course!

Ten boats came out to challenge each other and nature with one DNS and another DNF. The 8 finishing boats completed the course within 11 minutes of the first finishing boats in the challenging conditions. At the start, the fleet was generally scattered down the line. Spirit and Crackerjack started at the boat end with Animal, Vaporize and Cut Loose opting for an early tack to the east also starting at the boat end but slightly later. Crackerjack, following a very fast and flatter Spirit up the middle sailed the long leg first. Uncle Ludwig led the west side boats. Eventually, Crackerjack tacked towards the approaching east-side boats where Animal passed in front with Vaporize and Cut Loose close behind. Spirit led the way around the first mark by 5 boat lengths with Animal, Crackerjack and Uncle Ludwig in hot pursuit of each other and separated by only a few boat lengths to each other. However, Animal set their chute perfectly, while Spirit had a disheartening wrap around the forestay and eventually had to strike it and sail downwind on jib alone.

Meanwhile, one Crackerjack’s crew (to remain nameless in this account) decided that the water looked very inviting and decided to take a quick bath! Fortunately the crew did not let go of the boat and was back on board within seconds to finally get their cute up and drawing. Half the fleet opted for spinnakers and had a very fast run with surfing conditions down to North Canoe. Meanwhile, the Viper 640 was planing without a chute down the east side of the course. Most of the boats needed only one gybe to the leeward mark but waited for the lower winds and flatter water in which to execute it in.  During the run Crackerjack was able to reel in Animal while Uncle Ludwig and Cut Loose also carrying their chutes passed Spirit. At the rounding, the order was tight and Rob signaled for a shortened course by radio and flag. Crackerjack had to tack out from the bad air off Animal’s sails after rounding within inches of the lead boat. Demonstrating some great upwind sailing, Animal pulled out a substantial lead toward the finishing line and the order around the leeward mark was the finishing order as recorded by the committee boat.

Congratulations to Animal starting the second half of the season as they did the first half! Rob was very humble after the race acknowledging that Committee Boat Duty requires lots of knowledge and teamwork and a bigger anchor! Next week our committee boat host will be the crew of woot!