Wed Night Race 12 Results

Thanks to Brad Taylor and  his crew for giving us an interesting W4 race around the Canoe Islands in the 4- to 7-knot winds from the south. The line was square but short which made it very interesting and forced Spirit over early. Spirit quickly restarted and the line was cleared within seconds.

The fleet pretty much split with only a few boats working up the center. As Vaporize  and woot! led the fleet around the Canoe Islands, Animal, Uncle Ludwig and Crackerjack changed position multiple times with lots of close tacking. Crackerjack took a slightly wider path around the island and rounded South Canoe Buoy third  with Uncle Ludwig in close company. Animal and Spirit stayed to the east longer but the winds had started to diminish across the course. Uncle Ludwig caught a slight puff and nudged ahead of Crackerjack as the fleet closed on the first leeward mark.

Reading the wind velocity decrease well, Brad changed the course with the new windward mark as North Canoe, keeping a W4. As the fleet worked back upwind towards North Canoe, both Spirit and Animal banged out the west side and caught a nice lift thereby mixing up the lead J/24s yet again. After rounding, Crackerjack and Animal went back to the west, Uncle Ludwig went down the center, and Spirit headed to the east side of the course. Spirit caught better velocity on the east side while Animal almost went too far to the west, allowing Judy to close within seconds by working up the center.

Congratulations to Vaporize and woot! leading the boats across the line; Spirit captured the overall win, withVaporize taking second and Uncle Ludwig third. Next week the crew of Charjer will be our committee boat hosts.