Wed Night Race 13 Results

Race 13 Results

Thanks to Ron Byrne and the crew of Charjer for the drag race around an I-5 course. The winds expected to be from the WNW were oscillating prior to the start and Ron set a windward mark several hundred yards off Yankee. The leeward mark was Hogback.

Given the wind direction during the start sequence it was possible to lay the windward mark from the start line from the boat end. Position at the favored boat end and timing the start was the key. Most of the fleet were slightly early for the start and were bearing down the line as Crackerjack nailed the start at the boat end at full speed and trimmed for the windward mark with Jaded slightly to leeward. A few boats on the leeward end of the line quickly tacked in an attempt to clear their air but for the most part the fleet was able to lay the first mark.

The fast boats charged ahead on a course that was made for pure speed. At the rounding, Vaporize sheeted in their chute hard behind woot! and Crackerjack to gain the windward advantage and then just rocketed out to the lead on a spinnaker reach made for them. Crackerjack and woot! were within inches as the rounded Hogback with Wild Thing , Animal and Uncle Ludwig, all in bunch just yards behind

On the next upwind leg sheet trimmers were getting a workout, easing in the puffs to increase speed. As the fleet closed to the second windward mark a late leg knock, favored those boats that stayed to the windward side of the course.Vaporize was around first with a clear lead and woot! 50 yards behind set another fast reach toward Hogback without boat traffic. Those boats that set up for a  gybe-set gained a few yards around on their close competitors. In the final leg Vaporize and woot! crossed first and second, but on corrected time Crackerjack took the win and Animal wedged into third.