Wed Night Race 4 Results

startRace night 4 provided warm temperatures but little in the way of a steady wind. Kyle LaVoy and the extended crew of Uncle Ludwig hosted last evening’s race. Thanks! An I5 was set in the streaky NE air which seemed to increase and disappear in seconds. A windward tetrahedron was placed directly into the prevailing air and North Canoe was used as the leeward turning mark. At the start, the ten-boat fleet spread out along the line and a haphazard fleet split followed. From my vantage point it was very difficult to tell who was actually in the lead on the way up to the first mark. Witch Way found itself in a hole while others just tens of yards away were clipping along in 4 knots of air.

Wild Thing prevailed to lead the way around the first mark with Cut Loose and Catchin’ J’s next.

The sportboats pulled to the front on the downwind leg but four of the J/24s and Catchin’ J’s were in tight pursuit. Christian and Alfie were struggling to find the same air the leaders were sailing in and every attempt at searching for better wind ended in frustration for them. Woot! and Brad Taylor’s J/80 slipped in front of Wild Thing by the next rounding but John and Sam were ahead of the J/24 pack.

What followed was a dramatic velocity drop to drifting conditions and what little air remained came out of the west. The RC left the marks untouched to at least give the boats some forward momentum. At the next rounding Brad had taken the lead with  Wild Thing pulling back ahead of woot!. And there again was the J/22 ghosting along. Spirit made its way to the top of the J/24s and the RC shortened course to the original starting line with two horns and a radio announcement to make sure everyone was in the know.  It would have been a real struggle to get everyone finished if the next mark was used. As the leaders approached the finish two boats decided enough was enough and headed in.

Brad and crew took line honors and second overall with Wild Thing in next across and third overall, but Catchin’ J’s took the night on corrected time. Well done to all competitors in the very variable conditions.

Next week’s race will lead to the first of scheduled throw outs.

A Solstice evening raft-up is planned for 22 June if the weather cooperates. All are invited to attend. More info to come!

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