Wed Night Race 14 Results

Race 14 was sailed under clear skies with a consistent south breeze blowing at 5 -7 knots. 11 boats  made it out to the W6 course, with Hogback as the windward mark and a tetrahedron for the start and leeward mark. The line was set with a pin-end favor. With most boats opting for a mid-line to pin start, High Jinx pushed Vaporize dangerously close to being called over early. Uncle Ludwig ran out of line and needed to gybe around and weave through the rest of fleet, crossing T on port. Wild Thing tacked to port early and pulled a few more boats to the west side of the course.

Vaporize, Witch Way and Spirit were among the contenders looking to the east side for advantage. At the first mark Dave led the way. Wild Thing and Brad’s J/80 slipped ahead of Witch Way, which was clearly leading the J/24 pack. A late set and hourglass on Brad’s boat would shuffle the pack by the next rounding. The sport boats split again on the downwind, with Vaporize heading west, Wild Thing down the middle and Brad out east.  The J/24 fleet had a great run straight down the middle with a few gybes to keep lined up on the tetrahedron.

Vaporize and Wild Thing led around the mark again but Witch Way, Spirit and Uncle Ludwig got ahead of Brad. Vaporize held off Wild Thing until the second downwind rounding where Spencer, sticking to the east side, crossed Dave just a few yards from the tetrahedron and headed back towards Hogback in slightly increasing wind velocity.

With the sun setting behind the western ridge the RC moved up to Hogback for the finish after five legs. Vaporize got ahead of Wild Thing on the last leg for line honors and Witch Way won on time after crossing the line third. Meanwhile, Spirit covered Uncle Ludwig on the eastern horizon where they fell into the wind shadow of Long Island. This allowed woot! and Windog to cross the line ahead of them. Cut Loose was able to nip out Uncle Ludwig at the finish, widening the point spread between Spirit and Uncle Ludwig.

Congratulations to Alfie and crew on Witch Way for another win, Spencer on Wild Thing took second by four seconds over Dave on Vaporize, and well-done to Windog for making up a lot of ground in the final leg. The full results are below with a synopsis of the series standings.

Next week will be a full moon and a raft-up will take place directly after the last boat finishes, weather permitting.

Also, the end of the year celebration at Carl R’s is being planned and this year some extra “prizes” by Gill will be drawn, using a random number generator based on boat and crew position. Please attend the party to find out who the lucky ones are!

Complete Results

Wed Night Race 6 Results

Very light NNW wind at the start, the crew of Cut Loose acting as RC, and a short I-5 course set up with a windward tetrahedron and Hogback as the leeward mark. The wind filled in at the start, resulting in one of the shortest races of the season so far — Wild Thing took line honors in just over 31 minutes, but Spirit finished less then a minute later to claim the win, pushing Wild Thing to second and J/80 69 third, both across the line and on corrected time. See complete results.

Vaporize wins Sabbath Day Point Race

Seven boats turned out for the annual LGCYC Sabbath Day Point Race on August 23 under sunny skies, flat water and a nice eight-knot northerly at start time.

The race course was set for “Mark A, Finish” and the fleet started at 0915. Vaporize gained an early lead, followed closely by Brad Taylor in J/80 69. At the windward mark it was Vaporize rounding first, followed closely by Wild Thing. All seven boats set spinnakers and headed south for the Narrows.

Unfortunately the wind died just as the fleet re-entered the South Basin. Vaporize found a light breeze along the east shoreline and was able to finish the race. The other six boats found themselves stranded just north of Dome Island in no wind and considerable powerboat chop, and one by one dropped out of the race.

Congratulations to Dave Dougall and Nelson Snowden on the Viper 640 Vaporize. In 2016 this race is planned to be held in the spring as a warm-up for the Ti Race.

Thanks to Jim McAndrew for the use of Laurelin for signal boat and to the Lake George Club for the use of start pin, timer and flags.

Course Details:

Measured via GPS, from the start line to Three Chimney Shoal at Sabbath Day Point, and back to the finish at Hogback Reef is 29.5 miles.

Sat Afternoon Races at LGC

This Saturday, July 18, the Lake George Club is opening up its start line to all boats on the lake for the afternoon races. Race area is generally the same as Wed nights, and the afternoon races typically start around 1-1:30pm. Hail PRO Dave Dougall on channel 72 for details or check in at the committee boat.

A second open line date is planned for Aug 15.

Cut Loose Wins 2015 Ti Race

2015 Ti Race

Three boats braved the 20+ knot breeze under a cloudless sky to take a beating up past Roger’s Rock and back for Saturday’s Ti Race. Congratulations to John Dickenson and the crew of Cut Loose for quite possibly completing the race in record time for a J24. 8 hours and 51 minutes was all it took to pound up the lake and surf back down to Yankee Marina, with Tony, Deb and Steve of High Jinx steaming close behind. Third place finisher Ron Byrne called it the best day of sailing ever. Attached is a photo of Cut Loose and High Jinx shortly after a port-starboard encounter just north of Huellet’s. Next year’s Ti Race will be June 18th.