Wednesday Night Series

May 10 through August 30, 2006 (nine races counted in scores below)
Place Points Boat Type Skipper
1 13.75 Spirit J/24 Rodger Voss
2 16.75 Witch Way J/24 Alfie Merchant
3 24 Joy J/22 Bill Dutcher
4 27.75 Crackerjack J/24 Jon Brodie
5 50 Catchin’ Js J/22 John Tarrant
6 50.75 Windigo J/24 Bob Rippel
7 55 Flying Circus J/24 Ken Herd
8 59 Uncle Ludwig J/24 Kyle Lavoy
9 76 Steamin’ J/22 Bill Zautner
10 78 Jupiter J/22 Amir Mujezinovic
Recognition for the following sailors who participated in fewer than nine races:
11   t J/24 Tom Selfridge
12   Fat Star J/22 Sam Hoopes
13   Revolution J/80 John Haller
14   White Cap J/22 Mark Ackerle
15   Milky Way Tanzer 22 John Dickinson
16   La Forza del Destino J/22 Bob Miller
17   Double Trouble J/24 Paul Reece
18   CIL J/24 Canoe Island Lodge
19   Stinger J/24 Fred Merchant
20   X-Rad J/22 Spike Kunz
21   Thistle Be It J/22 Herm Lintner
22   Jag J/24 Stephen Honeybill
23   Kingfisher J/22 Brad Taylor
24   Break Away J/24 John Jacobs

Our final Wednesday Night Race on Lake George was quite the challenge, even with a full crew. As always, the final race would decide the outcome for the season. The sailors tightened up their rigs and put on their foul-weather gear in preparation. The waves were huge out of the northeast and winds above 20, with gusts to 25. Many crews combined on boats that were short-handed for these conditions. Ackerle and crew jumped onboard Spirit, the Lunds combined with Witch Way, and many others did the same. Even doing that we had 13 boats make it out to the starting line. Five J/22s, six J/24s, a J/80, and a Tanzer 22.

Fred Merchant was Committee Boat for the evening and set a challenging “I” course to Hog Back Reef, Diamond Island, and back. Just being on the Committee Boat was challenging enough but they got the sequence going and all boats were set to start. The pin was heavily favored and those on port tack at the pin had a tremendous start. Witch Way was off the line quickly, followed by Crackerjack. Spirit was beating down the line but not able to get to the pin before all the port tackers crossed in front. It didn’t look good for Spirit being off the line in last place. When you’re behind you go to desperate measures so Spirit rather than follow, went hard to the right to Long Island, and then crossed back picking up only a few. So left must be the better way to go, and since no one else was going that way, why not? Spirit went all the way to the port layline. He actually over stood the weather mark! But in doing came in with great speed and able to hold the point through the waves while the others seemed to be slipping sideways. Spirit rounded 5th with Flying Circus close behind. Those that dared, set their spinnakers and held on! With winds that strong flying the chute requires every bit of focus and strength from the crew. Many got caught in the wave action and allowed the spinnaker to fill too much to leeward, so over-you-go. BROACH. Crackerjack recovered quick enough to hold on to second while Witch Way led the way in great form. Spirit moved into third with Joy hot on their heels to Diamond Island. Upwind to the finish Joy kept it close enough to come in third with the handicap adjustment of corrected time. 5th place went to Blur.

The end-of-season after-race awards party was held at Carl R’s. Most everyone was there telling their own wild stories of the night. A lot of celebration was about to start. Alfie and Amy Merchant tallied the final standings and kept checking Alfie’s special math he uses. As it ended up with his first place finish he tied Rodger’s number of first places of 5, so he had to go to the seventh race to break the tie.