Wednesday Night Series

May 16 through August 29, 2007 (nine races counted in scores below)
Place Points Boat Type Skipper
1 14 Spirit J/24 Rodger Voss
2 22 Crackerjack J/24 Jon Brodie
3 25 Joy J/22 Bill Dutcher
4 25 Witch Way J/24 Alfie Merchant
5 50 Flying Circus J/24 Ken Herd
6 53 Wild Thing J/80 Spencer Raggio
7 60 Vaporize Viper Dave Dougall
8 63 Uncle Ludwig J/24 Kyle Lavoy
9 66 Catchin’ Js J/22 John Tarrant
10 70 Fat Star J/22 Sam Hoopes
11 70 Jupiter J/22 Amir Mujezinovic
12 81 Jag J/24 Stephen Honeybill
13 83 JaKo J/24 Steve Jackson
14 94 Steamin´┐Ż J/22 Bill Zautner
15 95 Revolution J/80 John Haller
16 107 Cut Loose J/24 John Dickinson
17 111 White Cap J/22 Mark Ackerle
18 131 Jaded J/24 Liam Faudree
19 141 CIL J/24 Tom Burhoe
20 145 La Forza J/22 Bob Miller
21 157 Double Trouble J/24 Paul Reece
Recognition for the following sailors who participated in fewer than nine races
    Sagamore 99 Colgate 26 Sam Kluck
    Kingfisher J/22 Brad Taylor
    Fuzzy Logic J/22 Tom Linville
    BreakAway J/24 John Jacobs
    Pleiades J/24 Rob Fraser
    Friendship Tanzer 22 Cathryn Olson
    Arabesque Intl Tempest Dave McComb
    Knot Us J/22 Tom Donahue
    Dark Waters J/24 Brian Larkin
    Moonlighting J/22 Rex Moon
    Patience Pearson 26 Mike Homenick
    t J/24 Tom Selfridge
    Windgo J/24 Bob Ripple
    Charjer J/24 Bob McDonough
    Music Man J/22 Bob Morris
    Brass Ring J/22 Rik Alexanderson

In 2007 we had double the number of boats to participate in at least 9 of the 16 races! Congratulations to everyone that had the chance to race and enjoy Lake George at its finest. Wednesdays were so popular several boats continued to meet a little earlier several weeks into September, and have informal races. No reason not to start off the 2008 season with an early race or two. It stays light until 7:30 as of April 1, and it will just keep getting later. Just let me know when the ice goes out.

Hope everyone had a great winter. See you May 14th!