Wed Night Racing

All Sailboats Welcome!

The first race this summer is Wed, May 15, 2019. We’ll continue racing every Wednesday evening through the end of August.

2018 Wednesday Night Racing photos on Flickr

2019 Wednesday Night Racing photos on Flickr

Important things you need to know for Wed Night Racing

Start time: Warning signal at 6:25pm for a 6:30pm start

VHF Channel: 72

Results: Races are scored using PHRF (time on time), results are posted on

Festivities: After each race, all competitors are welcome to join the Race Committee at a designated location to be announced the week prior to the race and the day before via our Google Groups email list. See the form at right on this page to subscribe.

Registration: $75 to: Rodger Voss, 11 Venezio Avenue, Albany, NY 12203

Sportsmanship and Fair Sailing

All skippers are expected to race considering the spirit of Wednesday Night Racing. Know the rules. If you are unsure of the current rules, please read them: 2017–2020 Racing Rules of Sailing.