Wed Night Racing

All Sailboats Welcome!

Important things you need to know for Wed Night Racing

Start time: warning signal at 6:25pm for a 6:30pm start

VHF Channel: 72

Results: Races are scored using PHRF, results are posted on

Festivities: After each race at Carl R’s Restaurant, located at Exit 18 of the Northway

Race Documents:

2017 Sailing Instructions | Course Diagrams | Race Flags | Racing Rules of Sailing | Protest Forms

Registration: $75 to: Paul Thompson, 62 Tinley Road, Stephentown NY 12169

Sportsmanship and Fair Sailing

All skippers are expected to race considering the spirit of Wednesday Night Racing. Know the rules. If you are unsure of the current rules, please read them: 2017–2020 Racing Rules of Sailing.