RC Assignments

Wed Night Race Committee Update for 2021

Rodger Voss will be continuing in the role of Wednesday Night Racing Coordinator for 2021. The theme for 2021 is simplicity: We’ll have a single PRO for the season — Dave Dougall has volunteered to run Race Committee every Wed night — and we’ll have a single after-race meeting place, John Carr’s Adirondack Brew Pub.

In the event Dave is out of town or otherwise unable to perform RC duties on any Wed night, we’ll pull from the reserve list below (the top five finishers from the 2020 season).

We’ll post updates to the Google Groups email list. Sign up at right!

Reserve RC List

1Merchant, AStinger
2Favero, JKnot on Call
3Voss, RSpirit
4Lavoy, KUncle Ludwig
5Raggio, SWild Thing