RC Duties

Committee Boat Duties for Wed Night Racing

Bring your own VHF Radio to communicate to the fleet. The course can use either government marks or set marks (orange ball fenders).

Before the Race

Print out and review the RC Duties cheat sheet!

Make arrangements with Alfie Merchant to pick up the Wednesday Night Racing briefcase. The briefcase has everything you need. Flags; Horn; Timer; Sailing Instructions; Score Sheets; Pencils; and Pens. RETURN THE BRIEFCASE AND FLAGS TO THE RC DIRECTLY AFTER THE RACE!

Please download and read the Sailing Instructions for details on the Race Area and Courses.

Advice: Get out early and observe wind and wave conditions. Have at least 250 ft of anchor rode and a suitably sized anchor for your boat. It is your responsibility to anchor your boat safely and not drag during the start or finish. In the area that we sail in, typically the RC boat is anchored in approximately 75 feet of water. With a scope of 5 to 1, you should have about 375 feet of line. Even 3 to 1 on a light wind night means 225 feet.

Roster of Competitors: All competitors are to sail by the stern of the Committee Boat to check in. The committee will log the name of the helmsman, boat name and sail number of the boat on the Score Sheet.

During the Race

Take photos, and take notes! Please forward photos and a summary of the race to Spencer Raggio at [email protected] for inclusion on the website along with race results.

After the Race

Return the briefcase and result sheet to Alfie Merchant after the race. Please forward a scanned copy of the results to John Haller at [email protected] by 9 am the following morning if you can’t return the briefcase on Wednesday evening.


In the event of boats lodging a protest please bring this to the attention of the Wed Night Race Coordinator while returning the briefcase. If as RC you witnessed the protest please provide your observations.